Greetings earthlings!
My name is Luka (oddly enough, I do live on the second floor), and for most of my life I have been an avid gamer, pen and paper rpg player, anime freak and all round geek.
With more than a decade of playing/gamemastering D&D, Pathfinder and a smattering of other systems, hundreds of anime watched and countless nights spent ruining my eyesight by trying to conquer Enroth or blow as many supermutants to hell as is humanly possible, I claim the title of Geek King as my birthright!
If ye think me unworthy of said title, polish your d20s, ready your Star Trek debate cue cards, review your anime library and HAVE AT THEE PUNY MORTAL!

This site would best be described as an inane circle jerk where I write about stuff I like (and/or hate) and by doing so exert as much influence as a gold star on a gradeschool english paper or a cranky old man screaming obscenities into the void of space... so basically your average blog